Meet J Flow

J Flow is the founder of Dancing and Life, a company that empowers you to live with more freedom, more love, more opportunities, and more wealth.

Now, you have probably learned that countless professionals and self-help gurus will lighten your wallet in order to give you what they want you to believe will help.

But often they don’t provide you with answers on how to live in a flow that will help you overcome challenges. You need to learn how to use dance and movement to face your fears.

Fortunately, J Flow knows exactly how to get to a better tomorrow – and he’ll teach you for FREE.

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Meet J Flow
Let J Flow Assist You

Let J Flow Assist You

Best of all, J Flow’s advice and methods are approachable and workable for life’s toughest crises.

He’s already helped thousands find their own strengths and overcome the obstacles life set in their paths.

No stranger to turmoil, J Flow moved to the U.S. at the age of 5. He experienced bullying, he had to work hard to fit in, and he even had to work to accept himself. J Flow would be the first to tell you that this is a continuing challenge.

J Flow has experienced crises, knows the way out, and wants to teach the way to flow through crises as he has. That is why he created a FREE 7-day Dancing through Crisis course.

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Achieve the Breakthrough You Deserve

In the full Dancing through Crisis training program, J Flow takes you and whatever obstacles you have in your life and gives you simple and easy-to-use actions and tools to help you foster the strengths that are already within you.

J Flow has spent years studying spiritual and emotional practices as a student of movement and dance. And he has worked closely with mentors such as Tony Robbins to comprehend and implement personal breakthroughs and how to teach others to rise above limiting beliefs. This is especially useful in a crisis.

If you are ready to go all in, sign up for the full Dancing Through Crisis online training program.

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Achieve the Breakthrough You Deserve

Join the Free 7 Day Challenge

No one is immune from crisis. These days there is no shortage of crises, such as the loss of a job, financial difficulties, the loss of a loved one, or a physical health or mental health crisis can have a crippling emotional impact.

The Dancing through Crisis 7-day challenge is a free online video training program that will walk you through 7 powerful movements that can start the process of empowering you to overcome whatever crisis you face.

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What Qualifies J Flow to Talk About This Stuff?


Sure, everyone’s life story has challenges. But J Flow used the crises he faced as a springboard for self-discovery and growth. He realized he was a born teacher, and he spent years studying with masters of movement and self-realization to break free of limiting beliefs.

That’s how he came up with Dancing and Life, his company. It provides techniques that can transform a life of chaos and hurt to one filled with peace and joy – even for people stressed out by our troubled and threatening world.

J Flow’s Dancing and LIfe company is the driving force for his philosophy of using movement and motion to heal. It’s behind everything he teaches, including the Dancing Through Crisis online training program.

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What Qualifies J Flow

Dancing Through Crisis Online Program

Dancing Through Crisis is an online video training program that gives you the tools you need to handle and survive the emotional impact of any crisis.

Doing the program, you’ll discover the inner strengths you already have that you can call upon to help you deal with all aspects of a crisis. You will learn how these strengths can empower you to reframe situations, confront challenges, and seize opportunities.