3 Great Ways to Practice Gratitude

Americans have been living with a scarcity mindset. They have been limiting themselves. The pandemic and the economic collapse have led people to believe that there won’t be enough to go around, whether it’s health or household items.

Leaders and companies are directly affected by a threat to their finances or the health risks for employees. Employees are affected by a threat to their health or the risk to their income.

But a recent study found that 64% of Americans have changed their spending habits during the pandemic. For example, consumer spending on investments, pets, education and home expenses was up significantly year over year. People are beginning to spend on things that will benefit them. They are using this strange new time to find gratitude.

The big idea here is that practicing gratitude is a way to ensure that you maintain a good attitude as you work toward your goal. Gratitude is a gift for your self-esteem.

I will share a story with you about how I learned an important lesson about self-care and gratitude.

Then I will offer you some suggestions for creating an abundance mindset.

After my divorce from a woman with whom I’d had a 15-year relationship, I was rootless and self-pitying. I gained weight, became isolated, and was bad-tempered. I finally began to travel to get out of myself, and discovered, after months of self-searching and study with empowerment teachers, how I could have gratitude.

3 Great Ways to Practice Gratitude

One incident pushed me forward. I was in Thailand at a full-moon party, where a few thousand people would descend to a tiny island to dance. I noticed a long line of people waiting for something. It was a strange contest where you were given a cup of some sort of igniter fuel, which you’d put in your mouth, spit it out and blow fire. Winners got a bucket of beer. I thought, why not? I didn’t care about my health. I didn’t think it was worth protecting myself. So I got in line. Just before my turn, the guy before me blew an incredible 12-foot fireball into the air and got the bucket of beer.

Part of me felt relief — I realized I didn’t want to put my life at risk. The next evening, I was lying on the beach and looking up at the stars. I heard my healer voice tell me I needed to take care of myself, and to love myself. That moment, I decided to practice self-care. On the flight back home, I was seated next to a fitness and health expert, with whom I spoke about self-care and nutrition. Things were beginning to change — and I was feeling grateful.

Here is how you can practice gratitude every day.

Step 1. Notice and pay attention. We cannot develop gratitude unless we first notice. Notice all that unfolds around us, and perhaps even more importantly, all that unfolds within us. And to notice, we need to slow down, way way down. Don't always rush about checking emails or texts. Notice what’s around you.

Step 2. Feel gratitude in your body.. What does it feel like to be thankful? Each one of us feels gratitude differently in our bodies. What do you feel? How does it feel? Focusing in on how gratitude manifests in the body allows us to deepen the experience.

Step 3. Articulate your blessings. Write them down. Keep a gratitude journal. Be grateful to others by telling them.

The hope here is that you’ll practice gratitude to ensure that you maintain a good attitude as you work toward your goal. Gratitude is a gift for your self-esteem.

Positive Daily Action

Today's action is called: Gratitude Ball.

Film yourself saying what you’re grateful for, packing your gratitude into an imaginary ball in your hands, and sending it to the sky. Release your gratitude to others.

I’d love you to share what you do on social media — and see how you can share joy.

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