3 Powerful Steps to Move Past Setbacks

America has had a lot of setbacks in the past year. More people died of Covid than anyone thought would die. More than 18 million Americans have been infected with Covid. Worse than the worst predictions.

But at least 3 vaccines have been created in just 7 months. Experts predicted it would take one to two years to create a Covid-19 vaccine. This is remarkable progress! Despite failures of planning, there have been successes in scientific response.

The big idea here is that not to judge yourself if you have any setbacks. Treat setbacks and failures as part of the process.

I’m going to share a story with you about learning to live with failure and move beyond it.

Then I will offer you some suggestions to move past setbacks and create a massive action around focus.

I used to be so afraid of failure that I would spend so much time analyzing and breaking down say an investment, a real estate deal, or any business I was part of. I was terrified of what failing meant for me, deep within my subconscious was my inner child, who felt that pain from those years of being bullied, of being laughed at, of being made to feel like I wasn’t enough.

But I realized that if I acted with intention, and let things go, I could move beyond setbacks. One such instance occurred when a house I’d won a bid on was set on fire, just as I was about to claim it. I was able to get my money refunded by the auctioneer, and launch my real-estate career with other purchases.

Now when something goes not according to plan and I begin to go into that mind space of how I could do better, I remind myself that it's not about me but about who I can serve and whatever lessons are there. I’m here to learn it and grow from whatever happens.

3 Powerful Steps to Move Past Setbacks

It’s natural to have setbacks as you pursue your goal. You shouldn’t let it discourage you from pursuing it.

Here are three ways to keep on track after losing steam or not reaching one of your temporary goals.

Step 1: Don't consider your setbacks, consider your accomplishments. Look at how far you’ve come, rather than anything you haven’t yet done. Even if you’ve reached a plateau, consider that where you are in relation to where you were. You have made progress just by setting a goal. Often when we don’t make a goal we feel like an utter failure but truthfully we have succeeded in more ways than we realize. Realize how much you have learned from pursuing your goal. Look at how going for your goal has changed and strengthened you for the better.

Step 2: Inspire yourself again, and refocus. Remember that even though you didn’t reach your goal yet, it does not mean you won’t ever reach it. You just have to keep training and keep trying. A day or two or even a whole week spent refocusing your goal instead of actively working on it is sometimes exactly what you need to make a comeback after discouragement. Ask yourself why you wanted to pursue this goal initially. Ask yourself whether you’ve made progress.What have you learned so far? What is working? What is not working? Do you need outside help? Do you need to re-prioritize to make more time to work on your goal? Don’t give up!

Step 3: Reset the goal, but don’t give up. Rewrite the plan, if you think you should. Don’t ditch it entirely, just look at how you’re going about reaching it. That is, don’t alter the goal, alter the steps towards making it. Perhaps they have to be more gradual. Perhaps you need to have more help. But don’t give up. Don’t let giving up be an option. Instead, make your default setting to be that you’ll keep getting up rather than giving up. You may face other setbacks, but they’re just that: setbacks. They’re not failures, as long as you are always willing to get back up. They’re a way to recalibrate: look at how much you did and how you can move forward.

The hope here is that you aren’t judging yourself for setbacks.

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