4 Top Tips to Taking Care of Yourself in 2021

America has fallen into a crisis routine. We work at home. We school our children at home. We keep a distance from our friends and family. And the hours go by without inspiration. Every day seems the same, and we have lost all sense of time. All of this has put strains on our lives. In fact, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers predicts a rise of up to 25% in divorce filings this year.

But a study from the University of Texas found that when people are aware that the pandemic is behind much unrest and even boredom, it’s easier to cope with the way our lives have been upended.

The big idea here is that you can find new and even unexpected ways to approach your daily tasks, in order to utilize your creativity constantly.

I’m going to share a story of the various identities within myself, and how they help me grow every day.

Then I will share several suggestions for ensuring that daily routines don’t become boring and how you can use the same methods to achieve more success in your life.

Growing up, I realized that there were different parts of me. I’d even debate myself, wondering which part of me would offer what opinion. We’re each made of different identities. For me, I believe that we have each of us seven identities. Our identities are parts of our overall sense of ourselves, from warrior to healer to sage to artist. If you embrace this concept, it can change your life.

There’s one identity that many people are already comfortable with, that’s the inner child/artist. Having your inner child feel safe and seen by the adult part of yourself allows you to be more creative and at ease with who you are.

4 Top Tips to Taking Care of Yourself in 2021

The more self-development work I did, the more I began to work on my different identities to have them work together and push me forward. For example, I needed to work with my inner child to learn to get past self-judgement about owning the work I do on behalf of others. Overall, I decided to create a system of living in each of the seven identities, seven days a week: Monarch Monday, Warrior Tuesday, Saje Wisdom Wednesday, Architect Triumphant Thursday, Artist Flow Friday, Lover Self-Care Saturday and Healer Soulful Sundays. Doing this has given me a great sense of peace and purpose. It has informed my daily routine, and allowed me to see something special in the world, and in myself, every day.

You can find ways to appreciate your daily routine. Here are some suggestions.

1. Do something you love each day. This may sound too good to be true, but really think about the last time you filled every single day with at least one thing you loved. Maybe you love your morning latte and you have one each day. But do you make this choice based on your routine? What if each day you stopped and thought about how much that latte really impacted your daily outlook?

2. Set an intention for the day. On days I am super-tired, my intention is often to be easy on myself, perhaps getting rid of one or two tasks that can wait until tomorrow. If I wake up and it is pouring buckets of rain outside, my intention might be to remember to splash in a puddle on the way home from work or watch the rain fall off the window pane for a few moments.

3. Recharge throughout the day. Studies have shown that taking just two to three minutes to mentally rest throughout the day has a major impact on your overall mental health and well-being. These two minutes of recharging could include sitting in your office chair and focusing on your breathing, taking time to daydream or simply closing your eyes for a few minutes and sitting still. It is during the time we become still and self-reflect that we remember to appreciate the small stuff.

4. Take nothing for granted Slow down and process everything that is going on around you. Engage your senses hourly. Did you take time to smell that colorful bouquet of flowers that caught your eye?

The hope here is that you can find new and even unexpected ways to approach your daily tasks, in order to utilize your creativity constantly.

Positive Daily Action

Today’s action is called: Thank You and I Love You

  1. Look into the mirror when you wake up in the morning

  2. Say, “Thank You and I love you”

I’d love you to share what you do on social media — and see how you can share joy.

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