4 Powerful Steps to Defining Your Milestones

We all know that America has had a crisis of milestones this past year. We have reached one horrific milestone after another with total Covid-19 deaths and people infected.

3 Ways to Create Actionable Tasks to Reach your Goal

America has had one crisis after another. First came Covid19, with economic shutdown, then a resurgence of the virus. The result is fear and uncertainty.

4 Fantastic Tips for Breaking Your Goal into Doable Steps

America is in a crisis it didn’t need to be in. The Covid-19 response was a disaster and the country is still fighting its way out of it.

Take Your New Year Chance with Daven Michaels

Now that 2020 has given us a new dimension to embrace change, we can see clearly beyond what we can achieve. Amid your New Year resolutions, have you ever asked yourself about the New Year’s chance? Well, it is during times like this we unveil our plans and develop an entrepreneurship mindset.

4 Powerful Ways to Set and Keep Your Goals for the Coming Year

We were totally unprepared for the Covid-19 pandemic, since many people ignored the warnings and refused to take it seriously.

4 Awesome Steps to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Americans have had a lot of limits placed on them in the past year. They have had to stay home. They have had to limit contact with loved ones.