4 Super Ways to Schedule Self-Care This Year

For the last year, though Americans have had a lot of time on their hands, many have been feeling lost and others have been figuring out how to schedule everything they had to do and what they wanted to do.

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The pandemic has caused a terrible crisis for the arts and for performing artists. Last year, artists saw their theaters close, their stages shut down, their live audiences disappear.

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The current crises in health and the economy have taught Americans that they need to rely on experts rather than wing it on their own.

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Americans have had a real learning experience during this crisis. Americans had to learn to protect themselves from a deadly virus.

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Effective Ways to Help a Friend in Need

Americans had a tough time connecting with each other last year. Families couldn’t see each other — either at home or, at the worst, as they lay in hospitals suffering from Covid-19. In fact, Covid-19 has caused a crisis of connection, as well as a sense of isolation.