The Power of Dance

Movement and dance are powerful forces.

Throughout history, dance has helped us express ourselves. It helps us celebrate; it helps in conducting rituals. In dance, we can seek abundance. In dance, we can mourn. Through dance, we can socialize.

That is what makes dance such an important tool for facing a challenge or crisis.

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Many of the most iconic dances — the waltz and the tango from Western culture, the Haka from Maori culture, the shaman dance from many indigenous American cultures, and the Asian-inspired Qigong dances, among others — demonstrate the wide variety of ways in which movement can help us express our deepest feelings and empower us in our lives.

Dance can help you live a life with more freedom, more love, more opportunity, and more wealth. Dance is about being in flow toward more of every good, life-infusing thing.

Get Started with Dancing and Life
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Meet Saje Flow

Dance and movement are important elements of Saje Flow’s life and teachings. He wants to help you to confront challenges and overcome crises by using movement and dance, and to improve your life in general.

Saje Flow is an easygoing, inspiring presence with stories of how he has overcome crises and challenges and how others he knows have done the same.

Saje Flow’s teachings are grounded in centuries worth of wisdom on how movement and dance have been used to help us better understand each other and the world around us. In Saje’s program, you will find real techniques for breaking through your own limitations.

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The Dancing through Crisis 7-Day Challenge

None of us are immune from crisis. Bad things happen to all of us. So, why doesn’t anyone ever teach us how to deal with crises, and the avalanche of emotions that come with it?

Usually, we are so painfully unprepared when a crisis hits.

Are you going through a crisis right now? Well, tomorrow or the next day, you might be, right?

So join my free 7-day Dancing through Crisis program. When you join, you will get immediate access to 7 short daily videos that will challenge you to take daily actions to empower yourself to overcome your current crisis or challenge. No dancing skills required.

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