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Crisis is something that touches each of us. We all experience loss. We all experience pain and hardship. No one is exempt. Yet it seems that no one is equipped to deal with a crisis.

We flail around, deny, or we just breakdown. Saje Flow wanted to do something about that.

The Dancing through Crisis 7-Day Challenge is a free online video training program where Saje Flow will walk you through 7 powerful movements that can start the process of empowering you to overcome your crisis today.

Best of all — it is free!

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What Are the Benefits?

Feeling helpless or directionless is common when you are in a crisis situation. The Dancing through Crisis 7-Day Challenge will start you on the road to healing by empowering you so you don’t feel helpless, and giving you a clear path to follow in your difficult times.

In short, you will gain hope.

And because hope is priceless, Saje Flow is offering this program for free.

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What to Expect

In this free online video training, Saje Flow explains how to use movement and other simple but powerful methods that will help you and those you care about better control overwhelming emotions and come through any crisis better than when you went in.

When you sign up, you will gain immediate access to 7 brief videos. All you have to do is follow along as Saje Flow walks you through what you need to do.

Remember that is free — you have nothing to lose.

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What You Get

Access to 7 daily online videos that will show you:

Video #1 – Tips for overcoming doubt and uncertainty.

Video #2 - How a personal financial crisis is the ideal time to start thinking big about money.

Video #3 – How to find opportunities in every crisis.

Video #4 – How to start healing by focusing on the needs of others.

Video #5 – How self-love heals you.

Video #6 – How to overcome your natural resistance to change.

Video #7 – Tips for taking care of yourself in times of crisis.

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